It took 5 years away from Sweden to make me nostalgic. So when I was going back home (is it even home anymore?) I had to plan a few wedding inspiration shoots. I wanted to capture those long summer evenings with the slight chill after seven in the evening. To the nature. All that green, all those flowers, all the abundance of June. So I did.

I took Sara out into the countryside. To rolling hills of wood (that will turn into a countryside house in a year or two!) and cows! Always cows. She looked ace in a short textured non-traditional white dress. The best accessory of the day was something she always carries with her though: a tattoo of her parents’ wedding photo. So awesome!

Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-21 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-2 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-27 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-20 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-1 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-30 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-38 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-3 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-52 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-4 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-61 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-5 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-69 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-72 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-73 Sara-Bohemian-Moody-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Inspiration-62

Stay tuned for the second part! It includes Sara in a field of lupines, an old monastery and even wading into fairly cold water. Yep, cold, but totes worth it!

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