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Hello! I'm currently not taking ANY bookings

As I've moved back to Sweden for a little bit to make up for lost time with friends and family. Thanks Rona.

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I am NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS AT ALL as I’ve moved back to Sweden for a bit. 

If you still have an enquiry, please email me at hello@goldandrit.com.au. Have patience on your response – I only check my email every few weeks. 

Okay, go go go! 

I am only taking bookings until May 2nd 2022
as I’ll be heading back home to Sweden for a little bit. 

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And how about that wedding then? Give me some deets! What vibe are you envisioning? Is it going to be big or small or in between? Lots of dancing or none at all? How much confetti will you throw around?

You can also send an email straight to hello (at) goldandgrit.com.au. Talk soon!



From the bottom of our hearts. For such beautiful photos of absolutely everything. Thank you again for making our day so bloody great – we were so happy to have you by our sides capturing everything – the rain, the cats, the dancing, the ice cream, the tears, the baby, the wine, the people, THE LOVE. 

You are one talented lady.

– Hylton & Mel