Portrait Sessions

Hello! I'm currently not taking ANY bookings

As I've moved back to Sweden for a little bit to make up for lost time with friends and family. Thanks Rona.

Time to get your
portrait on!

Family + Couples Sessions

Heck yeah, photography is back on!! And what better time to get some gorgeous photos of yourself + loved ones (you know, whomever is in your household whether it’s your family, your partner or maybe just your bestie) than exactly just now.

These recent times have been a little bit tough on all of us (understatement of a century?), so until May 2022 I’ll be offering up portrait packages that will allow you to pick just whatever time you want + can afford.

The sessions can be inside/outside (as long as I’m counted to your home visitors every day) and follows all current guidelines to ensure we are COVID safe. You can check out my COVID Safe Plan

Oh, and I am double vaxxed and ready to go! 

“Holy holy shit I’m crying”

Holy holy shit I’m crying they are so special and beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭 thank you so so much xxx


Let's break it down

  • Sneak peeks within 24 hours from the shoot
  • Online gallery within two weeks of the shoot. This includes both high resolution print-ready photos as well as web-sized ones ready for sharing online.

  • This gallery will have the good photos from the session. Shorter shoots = less photos, longer shoots = more photos. Minimum of 30 photos for the shortest session. 

  • I’ll help you find ace location (or locations if we have more time) that feel 👌


30 min


45 min


1 hour



Anything within a 25km radius of Melbourne is included.
Further than 25km there’s a $1 per km fee. 

You could look as ace as these 👇

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