About me

Hello, this is me,

I’m a Stockholm born gal who got tired of the cold winters of Sweden and ended up in Melbourne thinking Australia was a summery paradise. Boy was I wrong. Someone really should have told me about Melbourne winters. Lucky us there’s more to Melbourne than terribly insulated houses. 

Random facts about me

I pretty much always wear black + a pair of jeans. It’s a phase, it’ll pass, but it’s been a while. If you met me 5 years ago I was pretty much always in colourful dresses.

But, gold is awesome and I own three gold sequinned cardigans and two dresses. Soon three. Did I name this business after myself? Actually no, but I might has well have. 

I love any and all animals. They’re the best. Period.

However, alpacas and llamas have somehow managed to make their way to the top of my list of fave animals. Don’t ask me why, I have never even managed to pet one. Nor have I been spat on. 

I used to be a lover of sunshine, but since starting photography I’m all about the cloudy days. What can I say? Cloudy days makes for the best photos and I’m so pale I burn like a crisp in the sunshine anyway. 

I’m married to Peter. He has a beard and likes metal, beer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And me, obviously.

My spirit animal is a space panda. Don’t ask, I really can’t explain it and it makes no sense, but I like the sound of it. I even have a tattoo of a space panda on my arm. Have I named it? Yes, yes I have. His name is Ivanovich. 

I have a thing for really crappy tv shows. It’s the best company while editing. Most recent watch: Teen mums UK. Please don’t judge. Oh and if you want to hear more, just ask me about the horse story when we meet.

Mushrooms = life. If I’m eating out and there’s a mushroom dish on the menu, that’s what I order. 

Add a glass of Prosecco and it’s perfection.

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