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So you're eloping,
that's awesome!

Tiny hitchings for rad people

So things are a little bit weird now. We all know that. 2020 has been a bit of a shit show, hasn’t it? And you’re engaged and excited! Bloody hell, how to get married? 

Well this is the time to craft your tiny wedding. Make it small and intimate and absolutely beautiful. Because yes, it can still be that grand experience, even without a massive guest list. Trust me, I had 12 people at my wedding ceremony and it was magical. Then if you’re still keen on a big bloody reception – book that in for much later! Elopements allow you to eat the cake and keep it too!

What is an elopement/tiny wedding?

Elopements/tiny weddings can be so many things for
so many people. I’ve made it easy though: I count this as weddings that have less than 20 guests. And yes, that’s a hard line. I got to draw it somewhere, and from my experience, the number 20 is magical. Keeping it under and you’re eligible for these prices. Go above and you can head on over to my info page for full wedding packages. As simple as that! 

So to qualify for these packages, you have to have 20 or less guests. That’s it. Boom!


I had to stop watching at work or the tears were going to start!! Happy tears I promise. They are amazing! You are the greatest – a million thank yous! We love these.

– Chiara & Nathan

Ok, how does this work?

01. Book it in

If you go through all of this and you’re like HECK YEAH SIGN ME UP, it’s time to get things in order. To lock in a date I require a signed contract + a $500 booking fee to lock in the date. 

PS. Sometimes we need to Zoom and have a chat first. If so just get in touch via the form below and we’ll book in a time!

02. Let’s plan it! 

I’m an email away should you need any help during the planning process. I’ve helped couples figure out timelines, find makeup artists and venues and just generally cheer you on when you need it! 

03. Pre-wedding prep

The wedding is getting closer! I keep in touch with you in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You’ll get a thorough questionnaire that will help me be prepped for everything on the day: things like timeline, what you care most about and what your dogs name is. You know, the essentials so I can focus on what’s important to you on your wedding day.

04. Get hitched!

It’s about to go down! Most of the wedding day I stay in the background and capture things as they happen. I’m not here to stage anything. And for portraits I use direction, not posing. This means things to do or things to talk about. Unposed, unfussed, easy! 

05. Sneak peeks the next day

You get the first few photos the very next day! Cause who can wait? I surely can’t! 

06. All photos within 5 weeks

The rest of the photos take a little bit longer: you’ll have them all, print-ready + web-ready, within 5 weeks of the wedding. You get minimum of 90 photos per hour of coverage. 

All you need to do is pick the number of hours you want!

“OMG they are amazing!!!!”

– Vanessa & Ryan

My Collections

The Base

Up to 1 hour

1 hour is enough for a short ceremony, a few group photos and a couple of portraits. The basics y’all! You can always add on more time (see below!) for a proper portrait session, prep coverage or any reception photography. 

Please note that any elopements during Friday – Sundays can only be booked a maximum of 4 months in advance. 

Extra hours

450 per hour

Add on additional hours to the base package if you need. Boom! As easy as that.


Anything within a 50km radius of Melbourne is included.
Between 50km – 200km, there’s a $1 per km fee. 

Okay, that is all!

Ready to talk?  

 Just pop in your deets below and we’ll take it from there! 

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    When are you getting hitched?

    If you have picked your venue, which one?

    Approximately how many guests are you having?

    Tell me a wee bit about yourselves! What does the perfect Friday night look like? What is your favourite animal(s)? Who is the strongest of the two of you?

    And how about that wedding then? Give me some deets! What vibe are you envisioning? Is it going to be big or small or in between? Lots of dancing or none at all? How much confetti will you throw around?