This session was a long time in the making. Nathalie, a fellow wedding photographer (check out her work here!) contacted me a few months to set up a couples session. Her and her partner Wictor have been together for six years, but barely had any photos together and she so wanted to change that. Trying to match our schedules weren’t an easy task (with a surprise work trip thrown in just as we locked a date in!) but we managed to make it happen in the end. On a gorgeous summer evening, balmy airs and light winds accompanied us on our session. It started and ended with water. Well. First with a boat, and at the end with proper water, and in between we fit horses (such fantastic horses!), paddocks galore, dead trees and some exploring.

I was expecting niceness and prettiness from the session but was blown away with it all. Nathalie and Wictor climbed rocks, smushed their way into shrubs and even waded into water. All through a gorgeously lit evening it was smashing. Smashing I tell you all! Now I can only ever wish these two would get hitched and I’d get to photograph it all. Yes Nathalie and Wictor, it’s totally a hint!

Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-1 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-2 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-3 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-17 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-4 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-5 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-6 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-7 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-8 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-9 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-10 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-11 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-12 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-13 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-14 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-15 Nathalie&Wictor-SneakPeekBlogPost-16

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