Who doesn’t like a good surprise? Well I surely do. So when Melanie and Manuel asked me to shoot their surprise wedding I was more than keen. So on that last Saturday in March, I headed to their newly built house for what everyone thought was an engagement party. Thirty minutes into hugs and kisses with friends and family, and some leisurely backyard lounging, Melanie took her mother and sister upstairs and outed the surprise, while Manuel told the rest of the gathering downstairs. Cue gasps, hugs and astonishment.

It was the sweetest ceremony. In the warming light of the sunset their backyard served as the perfect backdrop as the two of them vowed themselves to each other. Letting their new home be the starting point for a new stage in their lives. Post-ceremony everyone lingered in the warmth outside, munching on delicious bites from the barbecue, making jokes and maybe a twirl or two on the dance floor. It was one of those events that might be low key, but is so filled with genuine love that it just stays with you for a very, very long time.

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