Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, July 2014

One weekend afternoon I wandered towards Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens for a leisurely session with Lorelei & Jacob. Being two avid hikers and newlyweds, they trekked, and I followed, straight into the denser parts of the park for some couples photos amongst the greens. Don’t get me started on these two, they are so incredibly cute together, and so incredibly relaxed in front of the camera. Shooting them was quite amazing, and entertaining even from behind the camera. It was a couple of hours of laughs and giggles, except when I moved away Jacobs snacks from the pictures (clutter don’t look swell in pictures!). But his frown quickly turned into a smile once he got them back. Such a fun session!

Lorelei-Jacob-4 Lorelei-Jacob-Collage-2 Lorelei-Jacob-8 Lorelei-Jacob-Collage-3 Lorelei-Jacob-17 Lorelei-Jacob-18 Lorelei-Jacob-32 Lorelei-Jacob-22 Lorelei-Jacob-26 Lorelei-Jacob-27 Lorelei-Jacob-Collage-5 Lorelei-Jacob-28 Lorelei-Jacob-36 Lorelei-Jacob-42 Lorelei-Jacob-34 Lorelei-Jacob-35 Lorelei-Jacob-41 Lorelei-Jacob-3 Lorelei-Jacob-46 Lorelei-Jacob-47 Lorelei-Jacob-33

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