Kim & Matt

If Fitzroy and Footscray had a a couple of really cool kids, I reckon they’d be like Kim & Matt. These two threw one heck of a celebration that just oozed awesomeness and all things them.  

First off. Get yourself ready for some jewellery perfection. To be honest, Kim’s whole outfit had me swooning all day (talk to my husband, who video’d the shindig, I couldn’t shut up about it!). Then prepare for portraits in the back streets of Fitzroy, finding pockets of green, colour and a blooming bush of blue. 

Their celebration took place at Panama Dining Room, this institution of ace. I’m especially thankful for this one, as I got to meet their celebrant Precious. She’s a bloody queen and since this day we’ve been friends. Boom! But ceremony: cracked voices, some tears, vows to keep the party going, lots of feels topped off with hugs galore. What else can you ask for? 

We snuck upstairs to the rooftop for some photos at sunset, before joining in with the guests for food, talk, and lots and lots of dancing. LOTS of dancing. As it should be.  

Wow!! Stina these are so amazing! I’m getting all the feels all over again 🙂

– Kim & Matt


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