Dark rough settings aren’t the most common average wedding photography backgrounds. Still, it’s my favourite when it’s not oh-so-pretty and cute, but when the backdrop gets to contrast the amazing wedding couple + outfits. So when Jessica and Joel contacted me and wanted just that, well, you can see that I was more than a bit excited.

So on a grey Saturday I went to the Town Hall in Örebro (the town in Sweden where I went to uni!) to photograph their wedding ceremony, as well as their portraits. Under a sky heavy with rain, we wandered the city with their friends and two awesome kids, finding Örebro’s best parking garages, heavy doors and textured walls.

Jessica-Joel-LR-4 Jessica-Joel-LR-5 Jessica-Joel-LR-6 Jessica-Joel-LR-18 Jessica-Joel-LR-25 Jessica-Joel-LR-26 Jessica-Joel-LR-62 Jessica-Joel-LR-73 Jessica-Joel-LR-74 Jessica-Joel-LR-61 Jessica-Joel-LR-92 Jessica-Joel-Orebro-Brollopsfotografi Jessica-Joel-LR-113 Jessica-Joel-LR-122 Jessica-Joel-Orebro-Brollopsfotograf-2 Jessica-Joel-LR-141 Jessica-Joel-LR-149 Jessica-Joel-LR-152 Jessica-Joel-Orebro-Brollopsfotograf-3 Jessica-Joel-LR-169 Jessica-Joel-Orebro-Brollopsfotograf-4 Jessica-Joel-LR-185 Jessica-Joel-LR-177 Jessica-Joel-LR-190 Jessica-Joel-LR-194 Jessica-Joel-LR-193 Jessica-Joel-LR-195

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