Midsummer in Sweden is my favourite holiday ever. It’s spent with friends rather than relatives and it’s a full day of doing swell things: eating copious amounts of delicious food while sitting outside, playing lawn games, maybe a cheeky dip in the lake/ocean (if it’s close) and maybe a bit of wine. Okay, maybe a lot. It doesn’t matter that midsummer always has a tendency to be cold, wet and weird, because that’s part of the thrill.

This session was an impromptu one, and you guessed it, it took place on Midsummer. A group of friends had spent the afternoon sitting outside in the garden, chatting, making flower crowns and just having a swell time. Then as the sun slowly set (geez it sets so slow in Sweden at this time of year, guys, it’s crazy!) thick clouds of rain started to roll in. The light got weird and magical and I just felt I needed to shoot. So I grabbed Gustav and Lisa, an amazingly lovely couple and dragged them out into the field next to the house. We made the most of that golden light while the rain started to drizzle. Well we made the most of it for 5 minutes before the rain got too bad for us to deal. But those 5 minutes? Midsummer magic, I can tell you that.

Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_1 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_2 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_3 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_4 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_6 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_7 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_5 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_8 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_9 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_11 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_10 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_14 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_15 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_12 Gustav-Lisa-Relaxed-Swedish-Couples-Session_13

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