Even though my favourite thing to take pictures of are people, sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Over the last year or so I have been taking a whole lot of food related photos. Partly for a foodie blog I run with a friend (Klaus and Fritz), and partly for different cafe, wine and baking clients. It’s different, and I have a whole new level of appreciation for stylists (it’s hard, y’all!) but spending days among amazing looking (and amazing tasting) pastries is such a treat! Both for the eyes, and afterwards the tummy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Food-Photography-5 MacaronWine-5 MacaronWine-4 Food-Photography-3 Food-Photography-1 Food-Photography-4 Food-2 Food-1 TwoBob-7 Food-Photography-6 The-Kettle-Black-Cafe-South-Melbourne-5 The-Kettle-Black-Cafe-South-Melbourne-4 By-Josephine-47 By-Josephine-32 By-Josephine-28 By-Josephine-25 By-Josephine-16 By-Josephine-15 By-Josephine-10 Walnut-Tarte-4 Spring-Racing-1 Spoon-Macaron-3 Romance-10 Kiddies-13 Romance-10 Hipster-9 Hipster-3 FrenchIsland-Day2-Part2-78 FrenchIsland-Day2-Part2-62 FrenchIsland-Day2-Part2-60 FrenchIsland-Day2-Part2-59 Adelaide-Day2-4

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