This morning the alarm rang at 5am. It was pitch black outside and my host and I slowly scrambled from our beds. Slowly, because 5am is utterly early. One hour later we had watched a pink sunrise and was at the harbour on the little island, Kakara Shima, which I’m currently visiting. I’m here for something different. Lately I’ve been craving to document something different. Something other than weddings and more than just your regular vacation photos. So I’m here on the island to photograph island life. Houses, cats, old ladies and of course, fishermen. I want to create not necessarily a story, but a portrait at this time of Kakara Shima, this tiny little island inhabited by 100 people and 300 boars.

So in the light blue light of a cool Friday morning I did just that. This is only one of the few fishermen I managed to capture before the sun had risen properly and we headed back to the house for second breakfast. For now here are some sneak peeks from that project. I’ll most likely blog the finished project, but that’s still a far way away. And with that I’m about to head back out into the village and capture some more of this slow, serene place.

Boating-SneakPeeks_1 Boating-SneakPeeks_12 Boating-SneakPeeks_2 Boating-SneakPeeks_3 Boating-SneakPeeks_4 Boating-SneakPeeks_5 Boating-SneakPeeks_6 Boating-SneakPeeks_7 Boating-SneakPeeks_8 Boating-SneakPeeks_9 Boating-SneakPeeks_10 Boating-SneakPeeks_11

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