That Saturday morning in March was cold. The dew lay heavy on the leaves, branches and grass when I arrived to the Italian style villa where Ezzi and Alex had spent the night. The sun was slowly rising and we didn’t know then that it was going to be a perfect day with all blue skies and just the perfect warmth.

And in so many ways it was a perfect day. From their excitement at their first look, impromptu hugs, to new friends and old. And don’t get me started about that gorgeous ceremony at Yarra Valley’s Bulong Estate, with its amazing views any way you turned, and rows upon rows of vines, which was perfectly accompanied by the violin tunes from Leah Zweck of String Source. A lovely afternoon reception followed, filled to the brum with loving (and hilarious!) speeches, hugs and delicious food. All in all, just what you want from a wedding.

Stina produced the most beautiful photos of our wedding. From the very beginning, she listened carefully to our needs and requirements, she made sure she captured every important moment and detail to us that day. You barely see her, barely feel her presence, she took photos of us and our guests as we were all living this day, rendering the most natural photos. She was recommended to us by a good friend, we shall do the same and recommend her.

– Alex & Ezzi

Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-2 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-41 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-2 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-50 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-59 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-62 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-3 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-4 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-93 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-100 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-103 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-125 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-5 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-176 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-188 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-6 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-239 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-247 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-7 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-270 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-276 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-8 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-318 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-10 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-9 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-366 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-401 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-389 Ezzi-Alex-Yarra-Valley-102

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