2018 has delivered one heck of a winter. I mean I haven’t had any winter but you’ve all probably had it (I really don’t function well in cold weather. If I was a world dictator I’d just outlaw any cold stuff. Except beer, but that’s not what we’re discussing here!). For the last bit-more-than-a-month we’ve gone from Sweden to Kenya, Kenya to Uganda, Uganda to Rwanda. We’ve seen about a zillion insanely amazing animals at stupidly close distances, we’ve met the loveliest of people and had all the food (and the beer, all cold, thank you very much!). For the last few weeks we stayed in Kigali. I didn’t expect to love Kigali, but I did.

I managed to photograph four different local projects while in the city, met some freaking fantastic people through it, zipped around on the back of motos and just had a blast. Oh, I squeezed in a bout of food poisoning, but whatever, that was weeks ago, it doesn’t count now. I’ve taken more photos than I care to count and I could spam you all with about a million of them, but I shan’t. No one would have time for that. So here are a random 50 or so photos, in some sort of order, but not in order of importance.

With the chance of sounding sappy, Africa steals a little bit more of my heart every single time I go there.

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