Best of 2019

Well, this was a year. You know how time is all stretchy and super long and super short at the same time? Well this year it was even more so than usual. SO much happened and it all went by in a bloody flash. 

Thank you so so so much to all my legendary couples. I say it every year but it’s always true: I get the bestest of couples and they’re freaking fantastic and make my day. It’s been a year of epic weddings, happy cries, hugs and puppies. So many puppies. I’m getting to the point of having to have a puppy, even though it’s so not practical. 

It’s been the year when we started our 3 month hiatus in Sweden, which will now be ongoing for forever.

2019. You’ve been pretty ace. 2020, rise to the challenge, please! 

Featured weddings

Esther & Yousef

Justine & Suzie

Cheree & Crystal

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