Hello! I'm currently not taking ANY bookings

As I've moved back to Sweden for a little bit to make up for lost time with friends and family. Thanks Rona.

Wedding photography for
people in it for the love and the party

People + Passion + Party


– hella keen on doing what they want for their wedding, not what “you have to do”
– ready for a celebration! But but maybe a bit feeling a bit UMMM about stiff poses. 
– animal lovers, who might be (fingers crossed!) planning on bringing theirs to the wedding!

Sure you wanna get married, but with minimum fuss
all you want is just a

bloody great party
with all the people you love

Hello! I’m Stina, and I shoot weddings for couples who want real moments, real passion and a ripper of a celebration!

Amazing.... Honestly. Words cannot describe it. Thank you. Thank you.

// Lindzie & Justin

I can’t - I’ve cried so much looking at them! They are everything that I wanted! Thank you

// MEGG & Tom

OMG everything is perfect, we couldn't be happier with your beautiful work - it's exactly what we'd hoped for!!! THANKS A MILLION XXXXX


All personality

Non-cheesy shots of non-cheesy weddings. Where it’s equal parts gorgeous af, actual moments and fun. Because all those things fit into a wedding day. 



Real moments > staged ones. You’ll never be asked to kiss or smile on command. But sure, you will potentially be asked to bring out your best kitchen dance moves. You know you’ve got them!

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Sparkly + Fun + Delightfully weird

So. That’s me in that photo. I’m Stina, a Swede who moved to Melbourne for the warmth. Yeah I know, that was based on nothing. I’ve got red hair and a tattoo of my spirit animal – a space panda. 

I am your new friend who is weirdly (in a non-weird way) excited about your wedding. And I am there throughout your wedding journey. I will send helpful words (and puppy gifs) when you plan it. I’ll cheer you on at your actual wedding day (and sew up dresses, fix buttonholes or keep annoying family members away). And I’ll be there after, dashing your newly married life with photos from what will definitely be one of the best days of your life (it sounds like a cliché, but I promise it’s true!). 

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Laura + Duncan

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