Wedding photography for the wonderfully weird

Candid  & documentary style wedding photographer for rad couples and kick ass weddings

Wedding photography that’s all about non cheesy shots of non cheesy weddings. Whether it’s a teeny tiny ceremony in an epic location, a “birthday party” surprise wedding, a big three day festival wedding extravaganza or the local pub with your puppies (dogs are the greatest), I shoot weddings that are all personality. Essentially, weddings that are whatever the heck you want to, not what everyone says you have to do.

I shoot candid and documentary and forgo any traditional posing to get capture stuff that’s real. It’s all about genuine smiles, unstaged moments and killer dance floor moves. Or just a million photos of your puppy. You know you want it.

Essentially – you just enjoy the heck out of your wedding and I’ll be there to capture it. It doesn’t need to be harder than that.

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to either a) look at some weddings or b) read some more info or c) tell me all about your wedding day! I bet it’s pretty darn awesome. So on you go, message me and tell me all the exciting stuff about your upcoming wedding day. 

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Quirky + candid + documentary style wedding photographer. Based in Melbourne, but always keen to travel the world.