Melbourne, March 2014

Underground Cinema might be my favourite event here in Melbourne. I had the benefit of going to their March edition. On the open area in front of ACCA, they had built up environments from Life of Brian. There were stands selling food and drinks (and fake beards!), a secret meeting in the back, an emperor and a stoning. To call the whole night magical is almost an understatement.

UndergroundCinema-Rome-17 UndergroundCinema-Rome-26 UndergroundCinema-Rome-30UndergroundCinema-Rome-29 UndergroundCinema-Rome-36 UndergroundCinema-Rome-38 UndergroundCinema-Rome-42 UndergroundCinema-Rome-53 UndergroundCinema-Rome-56 UndergroundCinema-Rome-64 UndergroundCinema-Rome-63 UndergroundCinema-Rome-69

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  1. […] the concept of Underground Cinema. Based on my oh-so-positive experience the first time I went (see pictures here) I knew it wouldn’t be less than magical. And it was. When we arrived at Essendon Airfield we […]

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