About eight or nine months ago I heard about a project called Long Street Coffee. A couple, Jane and Francois, were trying to start a cafe. The cafe weren’t just for serving kick-ass coffee, it was also going to employ and train young refugees so they could get jobs in the hospitality industry. I thought that was a swell idea and since then I have helped out with not just encouragement and ideas, but a whole lot of shooting. From their crowdfunding video to images to be used in printed cards and collaterals and on social media. And a whole bunch of candids too, because I cannot stop myself!

On Christmas Eve their crowdfunding campaign was finished and they had reached their target. Now they’re in full swing preparing and getting their new cafe up and running. In the meanwhile, here’s a bunch of different images from the amazing journey. Enjoy!

Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-1 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-35 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-3 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-2 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-11 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-38 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-12 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-15 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-37 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-18 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-23 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-28 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-34 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-32 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-13 Long-Street-Coffee-Melbourne-Alternative-Portrait-Photography-33

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