Mondays are my day off. Normally I’m just lounging around, doing absolutely nothing, but today I went to NGV with a friend of mine. We watched a few photography exhibits and left there with a need to shoot, but alas, neither of us had brought a camera. Until we realised we did have one each – our iPhones. So we took a little bit of time and roamed the city trying to capture some street photography (which I find a bit scary to be honest. It’s such a different thing compared to what I normally do!) and this is what came out of it. All shot + edited on iPhone. Because the best camera is the camera you have with you.

Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_1 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_2 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_3 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_4 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_5 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_6 Street-Photography_Iphone_Melbourne-Candid-Relaxed-Fun-Elopement_Wedding-Photography_7

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