The essence of a photographer ShootOut is:

Two photographers, one subject, one location

In this case we were three photographers; me, Elleni Toumpas and Dijana Risteska. The subject was Steffi and the location was Cactus Country, this insane 160 acre cactus garden which is beyond epic.

The challenge this time around was to photograph a model. The three of us are all wedding photographers by day and are used to working with couples, and shooting a model was a completely different beast.

We got 5 minutes each for each location + outfit. It was sweaty, stressful, prickly and absolutely amazing. There’s nothing that takes me out of my comfort zone more than a ShootOut. It’s a rollercoaster of pushing yourself, trying new things, second guessing your creativity, playing around with all the stuff, and this time it ended up being a wee bit magical. Below you’ll find my picks from the day. Scroll down and you’ll have links to the other photographer’s stunning work. Just do it. Do it now!

Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_1 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_3 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_4 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_5 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_6 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_7 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_8 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_9 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_10 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_11 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_12 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_13 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_14 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_15 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_16 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_17 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_18 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_19 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_20 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_21 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_22 Shoot-Out-Cactus-Country_Gold-and-Grit_23

Check out the work of the other photographers here:

Dijana Risteska
Check out her blog post with her Cactus Country ShootOut photos!
IG – @diana_with_a_j
FB – @dijanarphotography

Elleni Toumpas
Check out her blog post with her Cactus Country ShootOut photos!
IG – @ellenitoumpasweddings
FB – @ElleniToumpasPhotographer

Find out more about ShootOut Challenge here

IG – @shootoutchallenge_
FB – @photographershootout

The team

MODEL / Steffanie Jean
IG – @steffijeanofficial
FB – @steffijeanofficial

HAIR AND MAKE UP / Eileen Yan Zagoršćak
IG – @eileenyanz
FB – @eileenyanz

GARMENTS / Gwendolynne
IG – @gwendolynne
FB – @gwendolynne.studio

BATHING SUITS / Bombshell Bay Swimwear
IG – @bombshellbayswimwear
FB – @BombshellBaySwimwear

JEWELLERY AND HEADPIECES / Jeanette Maree Jewellery
IG – @jeanettemaree
FB – @jeanette.maree.jewellery

THE LOCATION – Cactus Country
IG @cactuscountry
FB @cactuscountryaus

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT & BTS FOOTAGE / Lauren Simpson, Lunaproductions
IG @LunacraftProductions
FB @LunacraftProductions

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