Sarah & Nat

I’ve re-started this text so many times. How do you describe two absolute legends? A. They are just freaking brilliant people. From the first time I met them I felt we’d be friends. B. I think they are the reason that I’ve started to not just accept red wine but actually like it? C. Me and Sarah share all the love in the world for Staffies. They’re the best dogs.

The first time we met these two were throwing a wedding, but it wouldn’t be legal. You bet I did a happy dance when the same sex marriage bill finally passed and I realised that this celebration would allow them to be legally married. Hell yes! Cause love is love and should be recognised as such, no matter the gender of the people. Equal rights ftw!

That January Thursday was a sunny one. They got ready together, which is totes the way to keep nerves in check and excitement high. Then on to their fabulous ceremony at The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo with awesome Bronte Price as their celebrant. The final stop for the day was Cargo Hall where a smashing party with family and friends awaited. It was the epitome of urban celebration filled with gritty alleyways, hugs (so many hugs!), confetti and gold glitter. Everything you need really!

Thanks so much Stina. They’re fucking awesome!!!!

– Sarah & Nat


CEREMONY VENUE / Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo (no longer open)
CELEBRANT / Bronte Price

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