When I woke up the Sunday of my couples session with Sam & Nina the rain was pouring down. And I don’t mean a drizzle – it was more like a torrential flood. We decided to postpone it a few hours and put our hopes to Melbourne’s fickleness when it comes to weather. Turns out, we were right (or got lucky!), and we spent an afternoon bathed in the most beautiful of grey light, between yellow vines at Bulong Estate and among the trees in the Dandenongs, only dodging the odd rain shower.

Sam-Nina-IR-108 Sam-Nina-IR-7 Sam-Nina-IR-25 Sam-Nina-IR-29 Sam-Nina-IR-17 Sam-Nina-IR-24 Sam-Nina-IR-19 Sam-Nina-IR-0-1 Sam-Nina-IR-100 Sam-Nina-IR-76 Sam-Nina-IR-0-2 Sam-Nina-IR-104 Sam-Nina-IR-68 Sam-Nina-IR-88 Sam-Nina-IR-107 Sam-Nina-IR-95 Sam-Nina-IR-110 Sam-Nina-IR-86 Sam-Nina-IR-44 Sam-Nina-IR-46 Sam-Nina-IR-47 Sam-Nina-IR-112 Sam-Nina-IR-113 Sam-Nina-IR-0-3 Sam-Nina-IR-143 Sam-Nina-IR-150 Sam-Nina-IR-139 Sam-Nina-IR-154

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