It's time for our
pre-wedding meeting!


It’s almost here! 

Eeeek, your wedding isn’t far off now! I hope you’re as excited as I am. By now you’ve probably got a grip on most things for the big day and it’s getting time to schedule in our pre-wedding meeting.

This meeting is all about sussing out all the details: the schedule, the important things the non important things and everything in between. It’s essentially so I know what’s happening and when and what is most important capturing.

The things mentioned in this document is most of what we’ll review in that meeting. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the questions right away, most couples don’t, and I’ll follow up any essentials with you between the meeting and the wedding.

That’s all! Can’t wait to meet you guys again!

Ok, so what do we need to bring?  

Essentially – Nothing!

You don’t have to bring anything really. We will go through everything together. That said if you like to be a prepared lil’ munchkin, the list below outlines the key things I will ask you about when we meet.

The Schedule

Bring along whatever you have in terms of run sheets, schedules and timeline. If your venue has supplied you with one or you know when your hair and makeup artist is done – just bring whatever info you have. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know – we’ll figure it out together! 

Family photos

This is the main task I will be giving you after the meeting. I ask you to make a list of all the different family and group constellations beforehand so we’re efficient + don’t miss anything on the day itself. If you want you can start making that list now, but you don’t have to. 

Family photo helper aka cat herder

I know the two of you but not your family and friends. Therefore I tend to ask for a helper to act a little bit as a sheepdog, just for the group and family photos. It can be a sister, a groomsman, maybe a mother or a friend. Sometimes if it’s a big group of people I even get two helpers! As long as they know who everyone in the family is and are a little bit bossy and good at rounding them up.

Start thinking about who are the bossy people you know! 

Any other important details

If there’s anything else that has specific meaning to you or that you care more about – tell me. 

PS. You can keep secrets and surprise all your guests, but not me! I promise to keep all of your 

Okay, that is all!

What is the next step? 

Just email me back and we’ll book in a time to meet up.