Warning: I hope you have a good internet connection going, cause this post is a killer. Trust me though, it’ll be worth it. If it’s a wee bit slow, just leave this page open and wait for a bit and make some tea! Or pour yourself a glass of wine. Whatever floats your boat!

This is Lars. He’s my dad and is around 70-ish. He loves to build stuff, play golf, drink beer and make puns. Not necessarily in that order. He’s silly and weird and quite hilarious. You can even ask all my friends, who are quite stoked every year when he comes to visit.


When he comes to visit, we always try to fit in a trip together. Him and me have travelled quite a bit. We’ve been to Finland, the Czech Republic to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos (if you ask he’ll tell you the story of when we spent 30 minutes illegally in Cambodia to watch dolphins). This year we headed to New Zealand. That trip in itself was all crazy amazing and a topic for another post. But what we did during that trip was make gifs. Dad initially thought it was the silliest thing ever. I think he even referred to it as the “most expensive gifs ever”, but after a few days he came around and we started making gifs like crazy. And we didn’t stop doing it when we left NZ. When I came back for a while to Sweden this past winter we continued doing more gifs. We’re like that. We get obsessed with weird stuff.

Okay. Enough words. Just enjoy these weird and wonderful gifs. There’s no story, just one person finding epic landscapes and one person doing silly things in front of them. Enjoy!

Lars-Gif-klubba-1 Helicopter-Tekapo Lasse-throwing-hat-5 Dad-gif_Fox-Glacier-1 Lars-Yawning Lasse-winner Lasse-CrazyEyes-1 Lasse-Gifar-Igen Lasse-armhaver-igen Lasse-disappears-1

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