A very chilly Sunday evening in winter I went out to Footscray with a friend of mine, Lyndsey. A few years ago she was with me when I bought a white jumpsuit in London. I have a stash of white outfits in my wardrobe, a remnant of my early days of wedding photography when I just forced my friends to wear them and me to photograph.

Well, since that day I have brought that jumpsuit to several shoots, but no one had ever fit it the way Lyndsey did. And it’s an awesome piece of clothing. So, we decided it was time to take it for a spin.

To up the ante even more, we got Kim from Make it Beautiful onboard and she created the most amazing, colourful and quirky bouquet. We also got to borrow one of the insanely gorgeous crumpled silver rings from Blacbrail Atelier (If my husband reads this – I want one for Christmas! Preferably two. And the bigger the better!).

For a couple of hours we roamed along the waters edge, close to containers, graffiti’d walls and a fish market. And that jumpsuit really got to shine. As it deserved.

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