Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, May 2014

I must admit, I have a soft spot for Heli & Alex. They’re always full of laughter, up for anything and so incredibly sweet towards each other. We had a walk around Botanic Gardens one sunny autumn weekend, and got some fabulous couple shots.

Heli-and-Alex-33 Heli-and-Alex-0-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-10 Heli-and-Alex-02-Cutesy Heli-and-Alex-8 Heli-and-Alex-20 Heli-and-Alex-23 Heli-and-Alex-28 Heli-and-Alex-98 Heli-and-Alex-03-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-65 Heli-and-Alex-00-Area Heli-and-Alex-131 Heli-and-Alex-124 Heli-and-Alex-122 Heli-and-Alex-123Heli-and-Alex-00-Autumn Heli-and-Alex-00-Autumn Heli-and-Alex-00-Staircase Heli-and-Alex-119 Heli-and-Alex-96

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