Buckle up everyone and prepare for some great photos (yep, I’m tooting my own horn here!) with a rad couple! Emelie and Oscar have a thing for all things fifties. Who can blame them really, it was an incredibly picturesque decennium. So when they wanted some couple photos I got a bit excited. Especially since I knew that Emelie was bringing along her vintage red Volvo, aptly named Gunsan, to the shoot. Between dodging mosquito attacks we managed to: get some creative, natural and documentary style photos, get the car to break down, not get ticks despite running into fields, cuddle two passing dogs and finish up before we got eaten up by those aforementioned mosquitos.

This is as Swedish as it’ll get! All the green in the world + red + rad. Can’t get any better than that!

Emelie-Oscar-34 Emelie-Oscar-42 Emelie-Oscar-47 Emelie-Oscar-48 Emelie-Oscar-Parfotografering-Orebro-50-tal-1 Emelie-Oscar-Parfotografering-Orebro-50-tal-2 Emelie-Oscar-33 Emelie-Oscar-Parfotografering-Orebro-50-tal-3 Emelie-Oscar-65 Emelie-Oscar-73 Emelie-Oscar-Parfotografering-Orebro-50-tal-4 Emelie-Oscar-89 Emelie-Oscar-99 Emelie-Oscar-95 Emelie-Oscar-113 Emelie-Oscar-Parfotografering-Orebro-50-tal-5 Emelie-Oscar-122 Emelie-Oscar-139 Emelie-Oscar-141 Emelie-Oscar-177 Emelie-Oscar-174 Emelie-Oscar-172

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