Portrait Questionnaire

So I’m gonna take your picture, oh yay! I’m excited. In order for me to prep as well as possible, I’ll need a bit of info from you to understand what you’re looking for + what’s important to you. So, please fill in the following questionnaire as well as you can.


Your Name *

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How many are going to be part of this portrait session? *

Please list the names of everyone involved. Please include their first name and year of birth if they're kiddos.

Tell me a little bit about yourselves. What do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies? Tell me a fun fact about each person!

I love working with people in a setting that they love. As much as weather and light permits I like to shoot in a location of your choosing. Do you have any specific location in mind, or even a type of location (beach, bush, hike etc) where you'd like me to check out prior to our session?

Will there be any pets in the photos? If yes, what kind of pet?

If there are kiddos involved, the more I know about them before the session, the better the session will be. How would you describe each of your children? What are their favourite activities, things or characters? What makes them happy or excited? Share anything you think would be helpful for me to understand what makes them unique and amazing?

What would you like to remember about this time in your life?


Tell me why you decided to have portraits taken? *

Are there any must-have photos that I should be aware off? *

How do you plan to use the photos? *


How did you hear about me? Is there someone I can thank for referring you? *

Any questions for me? Anything else you'd like for me to know?

That’s all! I’ll get back to you via email to discuss dates and practicalities. Talk soon! x