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I first contacted Stina out of exasperation. Over the last few years I have been edging my way into professional-career-land, and it was becoming apparent that professional-career-land required pictures of my face. As I am not much a fan of getting my photo taken, until that point I had been going to lengths to crop and filter existing pixelated travel/social pictures. It then occurred to me that there might be someone out there who could do this for me.

Initial googling led me to a slew of corporate headshot websites that made me feel a bit sick. Not my jam. Definitely not my jam. Then I came across Stina’s website. I cannot believe how easy the whole process turned out to be upon sending that first email. Stina was lovely, prompt to respond, full of ideas, and a fantastic communicator. She was also endlessly patient in answering my barrage of (probably ridiculous) questions. On the day of the shoot, Stina was bright, full-of-beans, and quick to put me at ease. She did not bat an eyelid when I brought my (decidedly less camera-shy) boyfriend along for the ride, either.

The end result was a slew of beautiful, fun, professional-career-land-ready photos, and some fantastic ones of my boyfriend and I to boot. All of this within an impressively quick turn-around time and with the added bonus of the experience being pain-free, hell, I’d even say enjoyable. I would recommend Stina for all pretension-free, fun-injected face photo needs. And hot tip: the lady can be coaxed into a Fireball.

– Kiralee

Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_03 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_02 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_01 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_04 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_06 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_05 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_08 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_07 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_09 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_10 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_11 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_12 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_13 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_14 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_16 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_19 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_17 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_18 Melbourne-Fun-Quirky-Relaxed-Portrait-Photographer_20