Engagement Party Questionnaire

It’s about time for me to shoot your engagement party! Please let me know a little bit of information about what is happening at what time + what’s more important for you that I document and send it back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!


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    Your Phone numbers (both of them, just in case I need to get a hold of you on the day off) *

    Exact party address (This is just to verify it, so I don't go to the wrong place!) *


    Tell me a little bit about yourselves. How would you describe yourselves with 3 words?

    What would you like to remember about this time in your life?


    What is the schedule for the party? When does it start, is certain activities happening at any specific type or in any specific order? As much info as possible is appreciated here, this is the big one! *

    I do mainly candids photos of your guests and yourselves during the party, but are there any must-have photos that I should be aware off? *

    Do you want any family or group photos? If yes, please list the combinations, and if there is a specific time set off for them (normally they take about 2 minutes per group) *

    I normally try to sneak away with the two of you for 5-15 minutes to grab a few portraits, is there a specific feel or time that would work better for this (or do you not want this?) *

    Are there any specific decorations you want me to photograph? *


    How did you hear about me? Is there someone I can thank for referring you? *

    Do you have any questions for me, or is there anything else you'd like for me to know?