1000 £ Bend, Melbourne, August 2014

A room full of comic book reading women is quite an amazing room, I’ll tell you that. I got called in to capture candid moments of the first meeting of All Star Women’s Comic Book Club here in Melbourne, and boy was that a good meeting. Even though I’m not a comic book reader (I’m simply a book nerd), I’ve rarely felt so welcomed and so at home in a group, despite being their personal paparazzi the whole afternoon. Such a great crowd, and such a great initiative! I was just happy to get to be a little part of it.

AllStarWomensComicBookClub-112 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-01 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-8 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-10 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-114 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-08 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-17 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-122 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-16 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-14 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-34 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-15 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-27 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-11 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-12AllStarWomensComicBookClub-160 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-13 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-05 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-69 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-04 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-55 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-03 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-166 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-06 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-134 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-157 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-07 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-169 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-133 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-14 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-02 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-121 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-C-18 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-181 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-57 AllStarWomensComicBookClub-202

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