Wedding Packages

So I hear you’re getting married, that’s rad!

Weddings are my favourite type of event. You’re surrounded by all your family and friends, having the most gorgeous day and then you round it off with a smashing party. Really, what could be better than that? Parties are the bomb.
I’m all about documenting your hitching in a candid way. Your wedding day should feel fun and relaxed. So there are no stiff poses or cheesy smiles, although I’m sure I’ll make a pun or two, and if you laugh at them, well it’s your own damn fault, they’re probably not that funny (lies! Puns are secretly lots of fun). It’s more about having a darn good time, that just happens to be your wedding, and for me to capture it all. So I’ll get your high fives with your bestie, confetti stuck on shoes, grandma’s excited face when she sees you and your siblings happy tears. I want my images to reflect real feelings, not faked smiles.
Pricing ranges from 3,300 – 4,600*
If you want full package details, scroll down and fill in that fancy form further down. I believe in you, you can do it!
* Are you having an elopement or micro wedding (with less than 20 guests)? There’s a separate price list for that jazz. Pop your details in below and I’ll send it through!

 You always get

  • Me as your photographer (silly puns and all!) for however long you need me!
  • Editing of all the good photos from the day (so they all look their best!)
  • 5-10 sneak peek images within 24 hours of the end of the wedding.
  • A whole heap of photos. You’re looking at about 90 per hour of shooting
  • Online gallery to check out the photos and share with your friends
  • All of the photos on an USB (with versions small enough to share on social media, and big enough to print)

High fives from awesome people!

I know I might be biased, but I get the best bloody couples. People who proclaim ‘Adventure first!’, hike up their wedding dress and climb over a fence (true story!), who bring gumboots and big smiles, have weird shuffly booty dances (or is that just my husband?), are owners of the cutest pets and all around fantastic people. And, lucky me, I think they like me too!

Hey! Click me to check out full weddings in my portfolio. Just do it!

Okay, I want to know some more!

You do? Well you totally can! Pop in that form below and I’ll send you some smashing info. And if you’re keen as a cucumber (not a saying but let’s stick with that), we can meet up and have a chat over prosecco, because we all know prosecco is life (I mean not everyone agrees, but I do and I’m the one writing this after all).

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Tell me a wee bit about yourselves! What does the perfect Friday night look like? What is your favourite animal(s)? Who is the strongest of the two of you?
And how about that wedding then? Give me some deets! What vibe are you envisioning? Is it going to be big or small or in between? Lots of dancing or none at all? How much confetti will you throw around?
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Wedding Bucket List

We all have a few things we dream of in life, places to go or things to do that you’d be happy to go the extra mile for. I have such a list when it comes to weddings. If your wedding happens that you think will get my wedding bucket list spinning, well you can expect me to go the extra mile (or two!) for it!

  • Tattoos, the more the better!
  • Ceremony or reception on a rooftop in the city
  • Picnic wedding
  • Crazy hair colours (neons, pastels, rainbow!)
  • Epic elopements on a mountain top
  • Festival weddings
  • Sequin gowns, because sequins are life!
  • Wes Anderson inspired anything
  • Animals, animals, animals! (top pick: baby alpacas! Yes, very specific but very, very cute)

Quirky + candid + documentary style wedding photographer. Based in Melbourne, but always keen to travel the world.