Engagement Sessions

Hey, I hear you just got engaged – congratulations!

Although I’m sure you’ve already started planning your wedding (at least in the back of your mind), don’t forget to commemorate this exciting stage too! An engagement session is just the way to do it. It’s a couple of hours of you and your partner hanging out in an area you love, doing something that you think is epic looking, awesome, or simply fun (striking a pose on a cliff’s edge, having an ice cream, or maybe dancing?).

My style of shooting is candid. And even though it’s only the three of us (plus my assistant!) I keep as true to this as I can. I’ll help you find awesome locations and guide you to start, but after that it’s all about getting the two of you to relax, enjoy yourself and forget about your own personal paparazzi. Sounds hard, but everyone loosens up quite quickly. And in the end you will have pictures that feel natural, full of laughter and silliness, capturing real looks and smiles that you can treasure forever.

I’d love to meet you and your partner for a coffee (or over brunch? I absolutely love brunch!). Send me an email at hello@goldandgrit.com.au or give me a call at 0467 985 758 – I can’t wait to hear a little bit about your love story.

Talk soon! x

PS. You can also check out my engagement session packages here, and some of my previous work in my portfolio.

Quirky + candid + documentary style wedding photographer. Based in Melbourne, but always keen to travel the world.