About me

I’m Stina. I’m a Stockholm born gal who got tired of the cold winters of Sweden and ended up in Melbourne thinking Australia was a summery paradise. Boy was I wrong. Someone really should have told me about Melbourne winters. Lucky us there’s more to Melbourne than terribly insulated houses. 

9 things about me

  • I pretty much always wear black + a pair of jeans. It’s a phase, it’ll pass, but it’s been a while. If you met me 5 years ago I was pretty much always wearing colourful dresses. 
  • I love any and all animals. They’re the best. Period.
  • However, alpacas and llamas have somehow managed to make its way to the top of my list of fave animals. I am currently contemplating getting an alpaca tattoo. 
  • I used to be a lover of sunshine, but since starting photography I’m all about the cloudy days. It makes for the best photos
  • Gold is awesome and I own three gold sequinned cardigans and two sequin dresses.
  • I’m married to Peter. He has a beard and likes metal, beer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And me, obviously. 
  • My spirit animal is a space panda. Don’t ask, I really can’t explain it and it makes no sense, but I like the sound of it. Maybe I should get a tattoo of an alpaca AND a space panda? Food for thought. 
  • I have a thing for really crappy tv shows. It’s the best company while editing. Most recent watch: Teen mums UK. Please don’t judge. Oh and if you are curious about what that show entails, ask me about the horse story when we meet. 
  • If I’m out eating and there’s a mushroom dish on the menu, that’s what I order. Mushrooms = life.
  • Add a glass of Prosecco and it’s perfection.

Australia + Sweden

So, you read that thing about not liking the Swedish winters, but not being so keen on the Australian ones either? What can I say, I freeze easily. Well, me and the husband found a way to combat that: we go to Sweden for 3 months every year, over winter. We felt like geniuses when we figured it out. 

A couple of years ago we accidentally bought a holiday home in Sweden. Yes, accidentally! It was potentially the most impromptu house purchase in the history of house purchases and it would have made me feel like a real estate mogul hadn’t it been dirt cheap. So for those three months we stay there, renovate and hang in the forest. 

For obvious reasons I do not shoot in Australia when overseas, but please get in touch when I’m there. I’m still so happy to talk; there’s a thing called internet and emails and Skype! 


Quirky + candid + documentary style wedding photographer. Based in Melbourne, but always keen to travel the world.