About me

I’m Stina. I’m a Stockholm born gal who got tired of the cold winters of Sweden and ended up in Melbourne thinking Australia was a summery paradise. Someone really should have told me about Melbourne winters.

At parties I’m that one weirdo that clutches to their camera, stops talking mid sentence to quickly take a series of photos. I just can’t help it. Somehow my cameras enables my inner extrovert. Can’t complain. Love photos. Love people.

Unordered list with random information about me

  • I pretty much always wear black clothing and 95% of the time I’m in jeans. It’s a phase, it’ll pass. If you met me 5 years ago I was pretty much always wearing colourful dresses.
  • Gold is awesome and I own three gold sequinned cardigans. I might be looking into getting a sequin dress
  • I love any and all animals. They’re the best. Period.
  • I used to be a lover of sunshine, but since starting photography I’m all about the cloudy days. It makes for the best photos
  • Alpacas have somehow managed to make its way to the top of my list of fave animals. I am currently contemplating getting an alpaca tattoo.
  • I’m married to a bearded weirdo called Peter..
  • If there’s anything on the menu that mainly consists of mushrooms, that’s what I order. Mushrooms = life.
  • Add a glass of prosecco and it’s perfection.

Stockholm to Melbs

Around eight years ago my husband and I decided we were done with cold and dark Sweden. Within a few months, we set off on an adventure. We didn’t come straight to Australia however – we took the scenic route, which included a couple of years in Ghana, before settling in Melbourne. We now live in a warm little apartment in Abbotsford with a view of the Yarra and trees. Hopefully there will be a dog there soon too.

I’ve always called myself creative. Before throwing myself head first into professional photography I worked in marketing and as a graphic designer. Then, around nine years ago I got my first DSLR. It wasn’t long until I was completely hooked. That little camera followed me everywhere I went. Without one I feel naked, and I’ve learnt that even the most unremarkable outing might hold in itself a magical moment, one that needs to be captured. It sounds corny y’all, but it’s true! Every day holds in itself a tiny adventure and a story that I want to tell.

Quirky + candid + documentary style wedding photographer. Based in Melbourne, but always keen to travel the world.