A fine art wedding album of Emma & Morgan’s city elopement

Emma and Morgan tied the knot in a fantastic vineyard wedding, but had a friend officiate, so they got hitched a few days before in the city and I was there to capture it. You can check out the full set of photos here, but this isn’t about that. This is about the absolutely sick fine art album I just got as a new sample album. I can’t stop flicking through it. Somehow images become so much more powerful when they’re something you can hold on to and flip through. Albums ftw!

emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_1 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_2 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_3 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_4 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_5 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_6 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_7 emmamorgan_melbourne-city-elopement_fine-art-wedding-album_melbourne-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography_8

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